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Where east meets west

Find out how our network expansion across the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is transforming connectivity for the country and the region as a whole.


  • As the largest country in sub-Saharan Africa, DRC has a strategic position at the heart of the region – where it neighbours nine countries.
  • Until now, efforts to deploy land-based networks across the country have been restricted by challenging distances and terrain. Liquid Intelligent Technologies is changing that.
  • By expanding our network through DRC, we will be the first to connect the east coast of the continent to the west. We are already the first to connect the south to the north through our Cape to Cairo network.

Our network in DRC:

  • The first phase of our network expansion will connect Lubumbashi in the southern region of DRC with the capital city of Kinshasa in the west through 2,200km of fibre. This is due for completion in May 2020. A project connecting Kinshasa to the coast (Muanda) will be complete in 2020.
  • The second phase will connect Kananga in the Kasai-Central Province to the eastern city of Goma, through 1,400km of fibre.
  • We will soon be launching our leading edge FTTX services in Kinshasa.

What our network in DRC means for your business:

  • As our network grows across the country, we will be able to serve more customers with our high-speed, reliable connectivity. Our services are raising the overall standard of internet access for local and multinational businesses based in DRC.
  • Our FTTX services in the capital city of Kinshasa will serve homes, business and government organisations with superfast broadband services.
  • We are helping to connect DRC to more of the region through cross border connections to Zambia in the south (onwards to Zimbabwe and South Africa), as well as to Rwanda in the east (onwards to Uganda and Kenya).
  • We will be able to provide onwards connectivity to major subsea cables from landing stations in Kenya and South Africa, offering more choice and greater redundancy.
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