Connecting the world.
Welcome to a new world - the world of Internet of Things (IoT)

Driven by connectivity, data and artificial intelligence, the 4th Industrial Revolution is changing the way we live and work.

At the centre of this revolution is the Internet of Things (IoT) – which is bringing to life everything and anything around you. IoT is about extending connectivity beyond smartphones and computers to a much wider range of “things”, such as appliances, smart sensors and vehicles.

Welcome to a new world – the world of Internet of Things (IoT)

By connecting more “things”, your business is able to capture more data and information – enabling you to make quicker, more informed decisions.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies’s IoT network creates a platform for increased productivity and innovation. We then offer a range of flexible and easy-to-use solutions that can help monitor and protect your operations. Begin your IoT journey today.

Our IoT network coverage

Our IoT network currently covers the following areas in Kenya:

  • Nairobi-Uganda transport corridor
  • Nairobi-Tanzania transport corridor (via Namanga)
  • Nairobi-Central Kenya transport corridor
  • All county HQs and other major towns
  • All airports and seaport
  • Nairobi-Mombasa transport corridor
  • All major agricultural or arable land

Our IoT network coverage area is always expanding. Contact our team to find out if we will be expanding to your business area soon.

What are the benefits of IoT?

Our IoT solutions can address a wide range of use cases. From cutting costs to streamlining operations and offering new insights into your business, there are endless benefits from adopting IoT technology.

IoT case studies

From monitoring air pollution to protecting endangered wildlife, Liquid Intelligent Technologies has been working alongside a range of partners to drive IoT innovation in Africa. Learn how our IoT solutions are already helping to solve real African problems.

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