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Liquid Intelligent Technologies collaborates with Botswana ISPs to expand the fibre network and bridge digital divide

Liquid Intelligent Technologies Botswana is proud to announce its collaboration with local ISPs to accelerate network coverage build to bridge the country’s digital divide by expanding the fibre network. Not only will the increased access to high-speed fibre connectivity be highly beneficial to businesses it will also improve the lives of millions of people.

At a recent roundtable meeting hosted by Liquid, local Botswana ISPs raised concerns about the country’s infrastructure, high network costs for businesses and end-users, network redundancy, competition among ISPs, and surging demand for high-speed internet. Discussions centred around the need for solutions to satisfy the growing demand for broadband and provide users with improved quality of service, including projects to expand, upgrade, and improve the country’s digital capacity.

Liquid recommended leveraging ISPs’ networks through partnerships and ventures as one solution. This collaboration, together with Liquid’s plans to expand the network infrastructure in the region, will ensure broadband connectivity for everyone, which is the guiding vision of the pan-African business. In addition, these initiatives will boost productivity and create new jobs and opportunities for people in multiple industries as information, knowledge, and data become more widely available.

Another point of discussion was the significant growth seen in the ICT environment in Botswana – there are now approximately 1.5 million internet users in the country, about 60% of the population. Although this displays a major improvement, more must be done to ensure everyone has access to the internet and that no one is left behind, as envisioned by the digital transformation agenda.

Odirile Tamajobe, Managing Director of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, Botswana, said: “We are delighted to have hosted this roundtable meeting with ISPs in the region and to have shared our valuable insights with leading key players in the digital landscape.

“Liquid Intelligent Technologies firmly believes in the power of partnerships. We are equipped to tackle the broadband gap through innovative business models and solutions, and collaborative partnerships. With strong, timely collaboration between key players in the private and public sectors, we can accelerate digital inclusion for all.”

Gaborone Metro Ring

Liquid highlighted the Gaborone Metro Ring as a major example of how the company is collaborating with a host of stakeholders. The project is a huge milestone for developing the city’s telecommunications infrastructure and providing efficient and reliable telecommunications services to residents and businesses. Liquid is using a combination of underground and aerial deployment to deploy the fibre infrastructure. The project is expected to reduce tariffs for local and international calls and data products, making it easier for businesses to communicate. In addition, the advanced technology provided by the fibre infrastructure will enable the delivery of advanced data, video, messaging, and voice services.

Technology solutions that will power Botswana into its digital future

Due to cyber security being a growing concern among ISPs, Liquid stressed the importance of further technologies that pre-emptively protect against cyber attacks. Apart from the traditional ways of providing internet connectivity, Liquid is looking to deliver access via other technological means, including expanding its VSAT service, which has proven to be particularly useful in providing coverage in remote areas in the country.

The acceleration of digital transformation and the rising demand for cloud services has made Botswana a favourable investment for Liquid as it is committed to being a critical driver in the country’s economic and societal growth. The company’s pan-African footprint enables it to use its infrastructure uniquely to accelerate the availability of the high computing power of the cloud and cyber security services to customers. Liquid is a truly African brand that understands the needs of the people; it brings African solutions to regional challenges.

The meeting concluded with an interactive discussion on Botswana’s digital transformation agenda, which Liquid actively participates in by building the fibre network throughout the country. Liquid looks forward to partnering with the Botswana government to boost digital transformation, enabling it to cement its position as a digital economy.

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Liquid Intelligent Technologies collaborates with Botswana ISPs to expand the fibre network
Liquid Intelligent Technologies collaborates with Botswana ISPs to expand the fibre network and bridge digital divide
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