How you can play a vital role in the fight against COVID-19

Africa desperately needs good and accurate data to help organisations plan and respond to the virus pandemic across the continent. This is now possible with The Africa COVID-19 Impact Tracker, a crowd-sourced Ushahidi data gathering platform hosted within Liquid Intelligent Technologies’s highly resilient network. The detailed survey response from each anonymous participant is highlighted in the live mapping data, together with granular insight into the number of responses from each geographic region.

The findings are shared with agencies, scientists, enterprises and researchers to help them plan, prepare and respond to the pandemic in the most effective way. Everyone across Africa (but doesn’t just have to be within Africa) is encouraged to play a critical role in sharing their own experience of COVID-19 – from understanding the virus to how it is impacting life at home and work. 

Please sign up to the Africa COVID-19 Impact Tracker and share your experience by clicking on the survey links below. Your feedback is 100% anonymous.

SME Business Impact > Tracks the business impact of COVID-19 on African small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and how preventative measures may help prevent the spread of the virus.

Self-Isolation > Tacks self-isolation as it occurs, to detect areas of high prevalence and better understand trends associated with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Working from Home > Collecting data associated with the advantages and disadvantages of working from home during the crisis.

General COVID-19 Knowledge > Designed to test participants’ knowledge of the COVID-19 virus, to create a more informed understanding of public awareness of the COVID-19 virus.

Social Distancing Impact > Created with assistance from the Centre for the Science of Social Connection at the University of Washington, is designed to test the impact of social distancing and isolation.

Schools ICT Readiness Survey > Collecting data on private and public schools on their iCT technical readiness to be able to adapt to delivering online virtual classrooms.

With the Africa COVID-19 Impact Tracker, everyone can play a role in helping to fight the pandemic. 

Thank you for participating.

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