1-grid partnership with Liquid Intelligent Technologies

Since 2020, 1-grid has partnered with Liquid Intelligent Technologies. Earlier in 2022, one of 1-gird’s resilient links supplied by Liquid were compromised through vandalism, resulting in a large-scale outage. This resulted in significant damage to 1-gird and through a combined effort, services were restored. Background: 1-grid have consistently sought to deliver an ‘always-on’ service to their […]

APN upgrade improves Siemens remote work capabilities

Liquid Intelligent Technologies implemented a single managed platform for Access Point Names (APNs), making remote work easier for employees and saving Siemens a fortune. Challenge Solution Result Following the completion of the project, Siemens announced that it was very pleased with new APN solution, as this implementation had resulted in massive cost savings for the […]

Goldrush Group Software-defined success

Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ (Liquid) implementation of a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) helped improve Goldrush Group’s network management, speed, redundancy, and flexibility. Challenge Solution Result In 2015, Goldrush had rolled out a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) solution to connect its SA and African operations, however in the last few years, they have realised the need […]

Cloud transition boosts Steward Bank’s service capability

Liquid Intelligent Technologies (Liquid) Exchange server migration helped improve a financial institution’s security and cash flow challenges, ultimately enabling them to serve their customers better. Zimbabwean-based Steward bank was facing a combination of Exchange Server challenges coupled with security concerns that needed to be addressed. The first bank in the country to have convergence with […]

Twiga: Achieves 30% Savings due to Liquid IOT technology

Enabling Precision Agriculture with IoT Liquid Intelligent Technologies Kenya partnered with Twiga Foods to increase agricultural productivity through precision farming, enabled by Kenya’s rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT) network. Background: Twiga Foods is a technology enabled business to business food distribution platform that builds fair and reliable markets for agricultural producers, food manufacturers and […]

Helping to bring Africa’s leading mobile money payment platform, Ecocash, to the world

Helping to bring Africa’s leading mobile money payment platform, Ecocash, to the world Customer: EcoCash is an innovative mobile payment solution that enables Econet customers to complete simple financial transactions. We helped launch Econet’s new mobile money payment product by integrating the Ecocash platform with financial institutions and implementing over 10,000 POS terminals across Zimbabwe. […]

International Rescue Committee: Providing vital support to refugees in Uganda

Summary: The International Rescue Committee (IRC) provides vital support to Ugandans who are rebuilding from decades of war while hosting a growing influx of refugees. As a result, the organisation requires reliable and secure 24/7 internet access in order to coordinate its relief efforts across the country. Liquid Intelligent Technologies Infocom has been working with […]

Delivering internet to pupils at a remote Kenyan primary school

In September 2016, Liquid Intelligent Technologies Kenya partnered with BRCK Education to deliver world-class internet to the remote Kiltamany Primary School in northern Kenya. Kiltamany is approximately 160km from the nearest town and 20km from the nearest telecoms base station, which made it difficult for BRCK to connect its Kio Kit; an award-winning, rugged ‘Digital […]

Copy Cat Group: Providing regional links for a multinational’s country businesses

Providing regional links for a multinational’s country businesses Providing regional links for a multinational’s country businesses Copy Cat is a multinational headquartered in Kenya that specialises in office automation and IT solutions. It has businesses in Kenya and Uganda which were run from two separate servers located in each country of operation. This prevented it […]

Connecting Nakuru County with free Wi-Fi

Liquid Intelligent Technologies Kenya partnered with the Nakuru County Government to launch high capacity free Wifi in Nakuru. This has seen the residents of Nakuru County enjoy a free, fast and reliable public street Wifi connection, enabling rapid access to information vital for economic and educational advancement. The project was awarded the prestigious Changing Lives award […]

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