1-grid partnership with Liquid Intelligent Technologies

Since 2020, 1-grid has partnered with Liquid Intelligent Technologies. Earlier in 2022, one of 1-gird’s resilient links supplied by Liquid were compromised through vandalism, resulting in a large-scale outage. This resulted in significant damage to 1-gird and through a combined effort, services were restored.


1-grid have consistently sought to deliver an ‘always-on’ service to their client base. As such, 1-grid conducted a thorough due diligence process with regards to appointing a network and data-centre provider. It was through this process that Liquid Intelligent Technologies was awarded the contract.


1-grid have sought to deliver European standards to the African market. It is through this belief that a 100% uptime could be achieved. The outage increased these expectations and future outages were not an option. This objective was near impossible in a country like South Africa with its logistical challenges. In this instance, all links to the DC were effected.


1-grid set out to obtain additional points of redundancy in order to prevent any future incidents of this nature. During this process 1-grid was able to contract with other 3rd party vendors ensuring additional protection across its entire network, with the exception of a dedicated route serviced by Liquid.

Liquid appreciated 1-grid’s need to provide for the 100% uptime and took the initiative to procure an additional 3rd line, over this dedicated routes, at Liquid’s own cost. Furthermore, Liquid appointed a dedicated Service Manager to the account. Executive relationships have also been established thus allowing for a mature partnership agreement.


Through this act, Liquid demonstrated its commitment to the 1-grid partnership, supporting it’s desire to offer one of South Africa’s most resilient web hosting networks. Today 1-grid has a highly secure, reliable and scalable network which is able to satisfy its customers 100% uptime expectation. Liquid has helped many companies across Africa to reach new heights by offering digital solutions to their operations.

Customer Testimonial:

“When Liquid took the initiative to procure an extra third line over these dedicated routes, at Liquid’s own expense, they demonstrated their commitment to our partnership. Their ability to create a positive outcome following a challenging situation demonstrates why we have taken this journey with them.”

Liquid Intelligent Technologies’s Position:

Liquid understands that world-class web hosting and domain management helps to unlock a clients business potential and drive productivity. As such, we remain committed to continuing our partnership with 1-grid to provide the underlying services, so as to ensure their clients receive a world class product. In so doing, it is hoped the 1-grid client base will show increased profits through being able to trade on a sustainable basis”

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