Cloud transition boosts Steward Bank’s service capability

Liquid Intelligent Technologies (Liquid) Exchange server migration helped improve a financial institution’s security and cash flow challenges, ultimately enabling them to serve their customers better. Zimbabwean-based Steward bank was facing a combination of Exchange Server challenges coupled with security concerns that needed to be addressed. The first bank in the country to have convergence with telecommunications and focuses on providing banking solutions using technology.


  • Stability issues created by an unstable Exchange Server platform
  • Risk of severe data losses and reduced uptime
  • Potential data breaches – resulting in reputational damage due to loss of trust, negative impact on revenue, and poor customer service


  • Introduction of Office 365, for monitoring and management of Cyber Security and compliance
  • Exchange online hybrid migration
  • Implementation of Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, and other digital technology services using Liquid’s established networks and telecommunications infrastructure


  • Reduce the cost of doing business by collaboration efficiency and high availability on the Cloud
  • Improved security and uptime
  • Improved customer service capabilities
  • Remote work capabilities for employees and stakeholders

The adoption of Cloud technology from Liquid has helped Steward Bank reduce the cost of doing business and ensured growth despite the impact of the pandemic. For the first time, employees could work effectively from remote locations and seamlessly collaborate between departments. They have also seen improved customer service and a continuous trend in revenue growth.

Liquid’s comprehensive experience in managing service migrations proved to be especially useful due to the sheer magnitude of the project. As a result, the bank was able to rely on Liquid’s vast technical experience to ensure this project was completed without a hitch.

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