Liquid Intelligent Technologies DRC enables more seamless internet connectivity with its FTTx offering

Coming off the back of reaching a 100,000 km fibre network milestone in Africa, Liquid Intelligent Technologies (Liquid) in the Democratic Republic of Congo is investing extensively in the country by bringing innovative, super-fast and reliable internet connectivity through its FTTx offerings.

Aimed at meeting the market’s growing demand for high-speed broadband data, Liquid brings affordable unlimited consumption high-speed fibre ideal for homes, offices and businesses of all sizes. In addition to other offerings and benefits, Liquid FTTx multi-user device functionality is also the ideal solution for employees and students who now find themselves studying from home due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Liquid has brought the digital world closer to communities with tailored packages offering a wide selection for customer usage and budget needs. With the most resilient, future and weatherproof network in the country, the organisation’s fibre backbone also provides four exits to different international submarines cables for worldwide connectivity, bringing more reliability and choice to Congolese.

Offering the best quality internet and unlimited consumption in the DRC, with Liquid’s FTTx there is no need to worry about costly quotas, congestion and reliability. With its customised packages suited for any size family or business, Liquid offers customers in both homes and businesses a high-quality network experience, unlike any other offering available locally. The difference in end-user experience is primarily because Liquid provides true end-to-end fibre from the world internet hubs right to your doorstep. Liquid’s FTTx service is ideally and uniquely suited for streaming, video meetings, work from home, as well as for entertainment, surfing and gaming for homes.

According to Michel A. Hebert, Chief Executive Officer, Liquid DRC: “In an era where internet connection is plagued by low speeds and high-latency, Liquid is raising the overall standard of internet access for personal and professional use in the country. Our customers will no longer be hampered by quotas or congestion, be it for streaming videos, gaming, virtual schooling, collaborating with colleagues on video conferences or file sharing. All of our efforts are to ensure that every person in the DRC can benefit and be part of the digital economy, and have easy access to high-speed and the most reliable connectivity.”

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