Oridirile Tamajobe

Odirile Tamajobe joined Liquid Intelligent Technologies Botswana as the Managing Director in January 2019. He brings over 20 years of experience, having worked both at local and international organisations. He is a seasoned executive and oversees the Liquid Botswana corporate and business strategy. Under his leadership, the Liquid operations in the country have doubled in […]

Martin Mushambadope

Martin is a seasoned senior executive who oversees Liquid South Sudan’s corporate and business strategy. Martin delivers strategic and operational guidance for Liquid South Sudan while delivering on a cohesive culture that emphasises customer care and service that Liquid is synonymous with across the continent. Martin has worked for various industries such as telecommunications, health […]

Wole Abu

Wole Abu is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Nigeria (LITN) and Africa Data Centre (ADC) in Nigeria. Prior to his appointment at Liquid Intelligent Technologies, Abu served as the Chief Executive Officer of Pan African Towers, a telecom infrastructure company he built to being one of the leading Towercos in Nigeria. […]

Mark Townsend

Mark Townsend is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zambia.  Mark joined the company on 14 April 2020. He was raised in Zambia and has a long-standing career working across the country’s ICT sector. He has more than a decade of senior leadership experience, including three years as Director of Enterprise Business at […]

Eric Waku

Former Vice President Business Development Africa and Managing Director of Nokia RDC (formerly Alcatel-Lucent), Eric Waku was also Vice President Sales EMEA at Smartmatic, then Senior Advisor at Deloitte in charge of French-speaking Africa, before joining the manager of telecom towers Helios Towers RDC, of which he was the managing director. A globetrotter and passionate […]

Alexis Kabeja

Alexis is CEO at Liquid Intelligent Technologies Rwanda. Joining us in 2016, he has since helped establish the company as the country’s leading Internet Service Provider (ISP). Alexis has held a number of senior management positions at telecoms companies. Prior to joining Liquid Intelligent Technologies Rwanda, he was the Country Operations Manager at Ericsson Rwanda […]

Michael Mukasa

Michael Mukasa

Michael Mukasa has been appointed the CEO for LIT Uganda with effect from 16th October 2023. With over 15 years of Telecom business experience across Africa and the United States, Michael has vast experience in the sector, coupled with diligent and thorough financial management practices. Michael joins us after serving as the Chief Commercial Officer […]

Deon Geyser

Deon Geyser was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Liquid Intelligent Technologies South Africa in 2021 and in 2022 he was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Liquid Networks South Africa. He brings over 15 years’ experience in the ICT and Telco space, having worked in different countries across the African continent. He is responsible […]

Adil El Youssefi

Effective 8 September 2022, Adil El Youssefi was appointed Chief Executive Officer, Liquid Networks East and West Africa based in Kenya. Adil joined Liquid Intelligent Technologies in April 2017 as CEO for Kenya. In October 2018, he became the Regional CEO of East Africa. He was directly responsible for the leadership, strategic and operational management […]

Wellington Makamure

Wellington joined Liquid Intelligent Technologies in February 2009. He oversees and sits on several boards of the Group Companies in Southern Africa. He is directly responsible for the leadership, strategic and operations management of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zimbabwe. He has served on several Boards and currently sits on the board of directors of CEC Liquid […]

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