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Managing all your connectivity needs

Owning our network infrastructure doesn’t just mean we control the quality and standard of service to your business. It also means we can tailor our services to match your individual requirements and targets – and find a commercial model that best suits your business.

By letting us manage your full communications portfolio, we guarantee to reduce your overall telecoms expenditure.

Here are some of the services, we can tailor to meet your growing business needs:

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

DIA is supported by our IP Transit Services that connect our expansive pan-African fibre network to the region’s five main subsea cable systems.

Our network connects to every Internet Exchange in Southern and Eastern Africa where we have a Point of Presence (PoP), making it the most reliable and efficient network in Africa.

Big Blue
Big Blue Internet delivers Service Level Objectives at a budget-friendly flat rate with unlimited data and no hidden usage charges, making it the ideal internet solution for any modern business. Big Blue Internet will grow with your business needs from 5Mbps all the way to 100Mbps. It has a fair usage policy and offers extremely low contention ratios with low latency fibre internet.

With service offerings tailored to suit a single user through to an SME, Liquid VSAT provides high quality, high-speed and high availability internet anywhere in Africa. With unlimited data, dedicated voice channels and no hidden data costs, it is a perfect fit for anyone needing reliable internet access.

Ethernet Services
Our Ethernet Services include:
  • Ethernet Private Line (EPL) is a private and dedicated point-to-point network that provides your clients with the highest security, transparency and reliability required to move their business-critical data.
  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) is a hub and spoke solution as per Ethernet Private Line, with the ability to link to multiple sites through a central site.
  • Ethernet Private LAN (EP-LAN) is a fully meshed network allowing any-to-any connectivity.
Liquid Intelligent Technologies – Software Defined Networking Solution, a software-defined wide area network that integrates with your existing WAN architecture, is a simplified and cost-effective answer to the challenges facing an organisation with distributed operations of existing business networks and digital transformation. Speed and agility are important to your business’s success but without compromising quality, security and reliability.
Endpoint Protection

Regular back-ups are essential to your business, which can’t afford to lose even a fraction of its most important data. Leveraging the power of Africa’s Cloud, we continuously and automatically back-up every version of every file on every device – making sure your business is ready for when disaster strikes.


Leveraging Africa’s largest fibre network and our strategically located data centres, CloudConnect provides businesses with secure, resilient and efficient connections to some of the world’s leading cloud services.

Through our CloudConnect service, Liquid Intelligent Technologies offers ExpressRoute to European Azure data centres as well as direct private connections to the South African Azure data centres.

Office 365 Enterprise

Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprise is a complete, intelligent solution for large organisations. Office 365 Enterprise plans empower the organisation to work together, securely, focusing on four main attributes: collaboration, security & compliance, intelligence & analytics, and mobility.

Guest Wi-Fi

Providing reliable and fast Wi-Fi to guests is a significant value-added service that enables you to better understand and connect with your customers. Our Guest Wi-Fi lets you customise your own branded landing page for guests, and control business rules like how long a user can stay connected. Powerful analytics lets you understand demographics and behaviour of your customers. For a flat monthly fee, we design, install, and keep your Wi-Fi running, letting you focus on your business.

Business Wi-Fi

For a flat monthly fee, we take away all the pain and risk of installing and managing your own Wi-Fi network, in your office or anywhere. From design and planning to installation and proactive monitoring, we will ensure you never have to think about your Wi-Fi network again.

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