The digital workplace: Prepare yourself for the future


The digital workplace: Prepare yourself for the future

The working environment is changing – and for the better. Businesses are learning to be more agile so they can respond faster to customer demand and differentiate themselves from their competition. Traditional hierarchical structures are getting flatter, with employees measured on their performance rather than just their attendance or their length of service.

Millennials, who will soon represent half the workforce, are more attracted by workplace flexibility and a good work/life balance than they are by straight financial rewards.

Today’s young workers are more likely to stay in a job if they feel supported and appreciated, are part of a cohesive team and have greater flexibility over where and when they work.

This means companies must completely re-think how they attract and reward their workers, or risk losing the best talent to companies which adapt to meet their needs. But this can only happen with the right tools to allow people to work anywhere, any time, on any device in a paperless office.

Let Liquid Intelligent Technologies be part of the solution. We can future-proof your business with tools that help your workers stay both productive and happy. With these tools, your team can:

  • Manage workplace chat, meetings, notes and attachments on a laptop. Microsoft Teams is a great platform for enabling sharing and teamwork. It is a chat-based hub that helps create a more open, fluid and digital environment. As well as combining lots of useful functions so that people can collaborate better, it integrates with the Office 365 productivity suite which includes Microsoft Office and Skype – making it easy to set up calls from a laptop, share files or set up a video conference.
  • Work on any device, and in any location. Office 365 is a great way for your team to access all the tools and applications they are familiar with, but from the cloud rather than their computer’s hard drive. With email and files ready when needed in a secure location, people can work when they like and share easily.
  • Connect safely and dependably. Collaboration won’t work without the support of a high-quality internet connection. Use our resilient, high bandwidth network to access Office 365 and much more.
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