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Liquid Virtual Workplace is a set of curated business continuity tools and applications that enable you to quickly and easily restructure the way you work. These cloud-based solutions allow you to effortlessly transform your physical office into a virtual workspace. Empowering your workforce to continue working, collaboratively and productively, wherever they may be.

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Liquid Virtual Office

Keep Working

Productivity solutions that keep you working from anywhere

Microsoft 365: Smarter collaboration and communication solutions – a must have for any modern workplace.

Let Microsoft’s suite of productivity solutions drive your digital transformation. The benefits of working smarter have a direct impact on your ability to respond to increasing competitive pressures. No business can afford to be left behind. Microsoft 365 changes how work is done.

Business Class Email: We understand that sometimes you don’t need an elaborate solution to keep your business running

If email is all the communications tool you need, then Microsoft Exchange Online is the perfect option for your business. It’s an easy online service, that is both secure and reliable, and provides you with a professional email service no matter the size of your business. With Exchange Online you are in complete control of your collaboration environment without the hassle of complicated email set-ups and management whilst still offering business class protection against unwanted spam.

Keep Communicating and Collaborating

Tools that keep your teams and customers working together, virtually

Microsoft Teams: The hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams empowers your teams to work how they want to work, providing complete control over the customisation of their collaborative workspaces, and encouraging greater creativity and productivity.

Teams Business Voice: An enterprise calling experience within Microsoft 365.

Teams Business Voice is a full enterprise calling experience within your Microsoft 365 environment that brings together the power of Microsoft Teams with our carrier grade voice network to provide your business with a cloud-based telephony solution that drives collaboration, and communication.

MeetMe Conference Bridge: A free traditional audio-conference bridge solution

The Liquid Intelligent Technologies Meet-Me Conferencing Solution is perfect for customers who requires traditional audio-conferencing. Our standard solution is provided free and includes local number dialling.

Keep Expanding

Cloud solutions that keep your business running from anywhere

Microsoft Azure: Take your business to the next level in the cloud.

Azure is a technology platform that has an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help organisations meet their business challenges. It provides the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications at any scale and on-demand, using a pay-as-you-go plan. Liquid Intelligent Technologies provides backup and storage, disaster recovery, lift and shift, Active Directory (AD), and virtual machine solutions. Whether you’re just starting out on your cloud journey or want to take your cloud capabilities further, we have the insight, skills and solutions you need to get there.

Microsoft Azure Stack: Bringing world-class hybrid cloud solutions closer to home

Get all the flexibility, features and innovation of Microsoft Azure in your own private localised cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack. Our Azure Stack environments across Africa put you closer to all your data than ever before, reducing latency, giving you greater control over sensitive data, and keeping you compliant with in-country regulations.

Keep Secure

Cybersecurity solutions to keep your business protected

Liquid Secure Remote Access: Directly connect remote workers to private applications running in public cloud environments or private data centres

Liquid Secure Remote Access directly connects remote workers to private applications running in public cloud environments or private data centres; reducing risk and simplifying security operations. Traditional remote access VPN solutions require capital expenditure of on-premise appliances.

Liquid Secure Remote Access is a modern remote access solution built on the principles of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). It provides streamlined and secure access to private applications hosted within data centres and public cloud environments. This allows organisations to begin retiring legacy VPN hardware, and move towards a more secure, cloud-first, remote access architecture.

Let Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams transform the way you work with a free, no-obligations, 30 days trial.

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