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Taking your carrier business where it needs to go

Liquid Intelligent Technologies operates the fastest-growing network on the continent with over 70,000km of fibre. We also have state-of-the-art data centres, broad satellite coverage, dense metro fibre coverage and the most peered network on the continent.

We are already connecting some of the world’s largest multinational corporations through close ties with our partners which range from Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers, to service providers, systems integrators and mobile operators. We can offer the right solution to every organisation, from a downtown banking operation to a remote mining business.

We can manage all your local, cross-border and international connectivity needs, enabling us to offer some of the most simple and competitive pricing on the continent.

With Liquid Intelligent Technologies on your team, you can take advantage of business opportunities in areas such as:

  • Cloud: Support high-performance, cloud-based services built on our award-winning fibre network. Our CloudConnect service provides businesses with secure, resilient and efficient connections to some of the world’s leading cloud services.
  • IP transit: For ISPs, content providers or carriers, our IP transit is the right choice. We offer more service locations and the most peered network in Africa.
  • Metro Access: Provide your customers with access to local or regional connectivity through Liquid Intelligent Technologies’s Metro Access Circuit. Experience the benefits of increased bandwidth, reliability and scalability by using our highly meshed Metro Ethernet Network.
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