How to forge an African partnership for African success

Dixit Shah, Head of Operations and Operator Alliances at Liquid Dataport Connectivity is the future of African success! This statement stands true in more ways than one, which makes this statement the perfect tagline for the work that Liquid Intelligent Technologies undertakes on this great continent. Not only is internet connectivity a key to unlocking […]

Uganda and Africa are ready to join the future of cloud

By Dennis Keko Kahindi CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Uganda It is sometimes too easy for the world to wrongfully assume that Africa lags too far behind the global cloud innovation revolution happening. That is a fundamentally flawed outlook. As of 2021, our continent accounted only for USD 1,2 billion of the global public cloud […]

Africa’s bridge to connectivity lies amongst the stars

Scott Mumford, Chief Commercial Officer at Liquid Dataport, writes about how satellite internet is the lynchpin in Africa’s connectivity journey and will bridge the connectivity divide. In a digital world, connectivity rules our lives, so the faster Africa becomes connected, the stronger and more competitive this continent will be on the world economic stage. Unfortunately, […]

Connecting Africa’s potential metre by metre, country by country

Glenn Maule, Head of International Wholesale Sales at Liquid Dataport In the early 1900s, the Ugandan Railway was built, connecting Mombasa to Lake Victoria, and facilitating trade within the region. This milestone in East African history connected its many regions not only to each other but to the world and opened many economic opportunities. So […]

The tools needed for success in the Hybrid Working Enviroment

By Winston Ritson, Chief Business Development Officer at Liquid Cloud and Cyber Security. One of the phrases that emerged in the last two years as more companies adopted remote working was ‘the new normal.’ At the time, most of us took that to mean that – along with having to wear masks and sanitise our […]

The African Internet connectivity journey is on its path to global economic success

Liquid Dataport Chief Executive Officer, David Eurin, writes about how increased Internet connectivity in Africa is one of the keys to economic liberation. Africans are getting ready to take over the world. This may not be a sentiment the developed world tends to agree with, but it is time to acknowledge the facts. Around 17% […]

In a Hybrid Working Environment future, integrating company communications is key

By Winston Ritson, Chief Business Development Officer at Liquid Cloud and Cyber Security. In the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted not just the ability of companies to commit to innovation and new initiatives but also work practices for much of their staff. Subsequent lockdowns have led to many businesses having to […]

Top Technology Trends to watch in 2022

The word ‘technology’ is synonymous with growth, progress, development, and our future. Technology has been a critical enabler for innovation as well as our rapid intellectual growth. Today, the conversation about technology and its impact on our lives is more important than ever before as we recover from the severe disruption caused by the COVID-19 […]

Unified collaboration across platform, cloud and system

The successful workforce of the future is not one that’s stuck behind desks and labouring PBX systems, it’s one that’s nimble. It’s one that’s been given the tools and technologies it needs to fully realise potential and engage more effectively with roles and customers. This is perhaps one of the primary reasons why communications platforms […]

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