Shahzad has served as our Group Technical Officer since November 2019. He is an experienced technologist with a track record of designing, managing and implementing innovative technical solutions.
Joining Liquid Intelligent Technologies as a Senior Engineer in February 2006, Shahzad was promoted to Group Chief Network Architect in 2009, when he was made responsible for the design and implementation of our transmission, wireless and IP networks. In July 2018, he became interim CTO at Liquid South Africa, where he oversaw a project to upgrade the local network and improve service assurance.
In his latest role as Group CTO, Shahzad is developing and implementing a new operating model to help make Liquid Telecom the number one choice for enterprise customers across Africa.
Born and raised in Pakistan, Shahzad moved to the UK in 2001 and has a master’s degree in computer sciences. Prior to joining Liquid Intelligent Technologies, Shahzad worked for Cisco, and BT as a VOIP engineer. Shahzad is a motor sports enthusiast and in his spare time enjoys riding fast motor bikes.

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