Fides Damiano Kavishe, is the Head of Administration Department at Zanlink and has worked with the Company for the last 19 years, thus bringing a diversity of experience in various administrative roles. Fides also handles procurement and supply chain management as well as Human Resource activities of the Company. This reflects her flexibility and adoptability.

Fides can work independently, but is also a team player. She is as aggressive as she is reliable. Because of her length of service in the Company she has welcomed most of the staff members and has helped them to get oriented with our culture, system, policies and procedures and is always available for consultation. 

Most of her work experience has been with Zanlink. She has been part and parcel of various transformation, growth as well as milestones that the Company has achieved.

Fides has a diploma in accounting from the Institute of Commercial Management but has also undergone various on job training programes to enhance her skills.

Fides is married and uses her personal time for Religious and Community activities. She loves taking strolls down the streets and doing interior designing.

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