Liquid Intelligent Technologies Rwanda partners with Impact Hub Kigali to nurture digital innovation in Rwanda

Access to high-speed internet and cloud-based services will support growth of Kigali’s thriving start-up scene

Liquid Intelligent Technologies Rwanda, part of the leading pan-African telecoms group Liquid Intelligent Technologies, has announced a partnership with Impact Hubs, a global network of innovation labs, business incubators and social enterprise community centres, to explore new ways to support start-ups in Kigali.

Launched in 2015, Impact Hub Kigali has played an important role in nurturing Rwanda-based start-ups by providing flexible co-working space and a range of innovative programmes and events.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies Rwanda will provide Impact Hub Kigali with high-speed internet and cloud-based services, empowering members to take full advantage of the latest in cloud technology. Through its network of partners, Liquid Intelligent Technologies Rwanda will offer funding, business and technical skills development to start-ups.

Through a range of competitions and events, Liquid Intelligent Technologies Rwanda will be providing credits for Microsoft Azure to start-ups as part of its ongoing Go Cloud initiative with Microsoft. Liquid Intelligent Technologies Rwanda experts will also make regular visits to the hub to advise young entrepreneurs on how to make best use of Liquid Intelligent Technologies products and services to develop and host their products.

“Kigali’s start-up scene is positioning Rwanda as a centre of innovation in East Africa. We’re excited to be supporting the next-generation of Rwandan entrepreneurs as they design solutions and products that can truly benefit the region,” said Alexis Kabeja, CEO, Liquid Intelligent Technologies Rwanda.

Rwanda has one of the most progressive ICT environments in East Africa, thanks to ongoing investment from the country’s government. As the country moves further towards a knowledge-based economy, the role of innovation hubs, such as Impact Hub Kigali, will be crucial in nurturing the country’s start-up ecosystem.

In recent months, Impact Hub Kigali has hosted events with the likes of WWF, and launched accelerator programmes that have developed successful e-commerce and Fintech solutions.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies will be extending its partnership with Impact Hubs to most of its other locations in Africa.

“It is refreshing to see a big company like Liquid Intelligent Technologies supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups through community spaces like Impact Hub Kigali. This partnership is going to accelerate private sector development in Rwanda,” said Jonathan Stever, Managing Director and Co-founder of Impact Hub Kigali.

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