Liquid Intelligent Technologies and Cybersmart partner to provide security training to over 50,000 students in Botswana

Liquid Intelligent Technologies (Liquid), a business of Cassava Technologies, a pan-African technology group, has partnered with public education programme – Cybersmart Botswana to promote online safety among learners in schools across Botswana. The Cybersmart Student Champions Programme will be launched on Friday, 23 February, as part of the commemorative activities for Safer Internet Day.

In line with this year’s Safer Internet Day theme of ‘Together for a better Internet’, Liquid Botswana has sponsored the Cybersmart Student Champions Programme to train over 50,000 students on digital security. Under the Cybersmart Student Champions Programme, student leaders will be trained as online safety peer educators and encouraged to conduct awareness campaigns and activities in their schools.

“The internet is a great tool for learning, but it can also be a source of harm if used inappropriately, hence the need to ensure that increased access to the internet by learners comes with adequate safeguards, including empowering them with the knowledge to protect themselves. Achieving comprehensive online safety requires a collaborative effort, and we appreciate the support of Liquid Intelligent Technologies and other partners in the programme,” said David Moepeng, Cybersmart Botswana Programme Director.

“Cyber security education is a top priority for Liquid Botswana. The country’s 74% internet penetration

 means that more people, including students, are exposed to cyberattacks and data breaches. In partnering with Cybersmart Botswana and the Botswana government, we aim to create awareness of cyber risks and provide students with the knowledge and skills to create a more secure digital environment in schools across the country,” said Odirile Tamajobe, Managing Director of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Botswana. 

This programme complements the existing initiative by the Botswana government, where they have been rolling out internet connectivity in public schools across the country and distributing one-to-one laptops and tablets to learners for use in their studies. Cybersmart Botswana and Liquid Botswana’s programme, which will cover private schools too, is supported by the Ministry of Communications, Knowledge and Technology; the Ministry of Education; the Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority; the European Union mission in Botswana; and the African Cybersmart Network.

“The Cybersmart Student Champions Programme addresses the increased online vulnerability of learners following the digitalisation of the education system. Risks they face include exposure to inappropriate content, online predation, cyber scams, cyberbullying, sexual exploitation, misinformation, privacy breaches, and addiction to devices,” said Moepeng. “This partnership aligns with our vision of creating a digitally connected future that leaves no Motswana behind while providing a more cyber-secure future for Botswana. It also aligns with the government’s Reset Agenda of accelerating digitalisation programme in which internet connectivity is being rolled out in public schools across the country. This can only be achieved on a foundation of strong cyber security,” concluded Tamajobe.

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