Liquid Zambia launches its first office in Mkushi, expanding operations to Central Province

Liquid Intelligent Technologies (Liquid), a business of Cassava Technologies (Cassava) in Zambia, is expanding its operations to Central Province by launching its first office in Mkushi. This launch will bring high-speed connectivity and a suite of intelligent technologies to the district for the first time. With the opening of this new branch in the country, the pan-African technology group has reiterated its commitment to enabling social mobility and economic prosperity of individuals and enterprises across Zambia.

Commenting on the increasing footprint in the country, Mark Townsend, CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zambia, said, “Mkushi is an agriculture town well-known for its large commercial farms. We realised that this underserved community is key to ensuring that we take one more step towards creating a digitally connected future that leaves no Zambian behind. The proliferation of high-speed connectivity and digital services by Liquid will empower commercial farmers and others in this sector, ultimately increasing the viability for more foreign direct investment to the agriculture sector in Zambia”.

Over the last decade, the Zambian Government has been working closely with Liquid in the country as part of the ongoing public-private partnerships (PPP) collaboration to realise their vision of a Smart Zambia. Core to this vision is digital inclusion that benefits all sectors of the economy. The business’ expansion into Mkushi is one more milestone achieved towards making this vision a reality in the near future.

“Liquid’s unique offering includes a combination of intelligent technologies that bring high-speed and reliable cross-border connectivity, cloud, cyber security, and digital services to its customers in every sector. Liquid has over 100 000 km of wholly owned fibre network across the continent, complemented by our VSAT network, which ensures that we can provide high-speed connectivity to the remotest parts of Zambia and the wider continent,” concluded Townsend.

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