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    Home of your international connectivity into, within and out of Africa: a trusted, reliable, world-standard partner for your business

    We operate our fibre network across Africa to provide you control, cost leadership, and scale so that you can focus on running your business.

    We combine international fibre, last mile fibre, subsea cables, VSAT and data centres for the best solution to suit your needs all under one single contract and service management.

    Connecting Africa

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    Over 100,000km of terrestrial fibre across Africa

    Access to all sub-Saharan countries via our One Africa broadband network 100,000 buildings connected, over 40 Points of Presence, over 800 Internet Peers in Africa.

    The footprint of our fibre network, that we own and operate (over 40 telecom licenses) with our highly-skilled local staff, is unparalleled on the Continent.

    We provide you with the most extensive and secure connectivity solutions following international standards (MEF 2.0).

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    From East to West

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    For the first time, carriers can cross Africa with three different terrestrial routes

    Connecting the East and West coasts of Africa, and Asia to Americas, avoiding the Red Sea bottlenecks, is now possible.

    A Middle Route via Tanzania, Zambia and DRC, a North Route via Sudan, Chad and Cameroon, and a South Route via South Africa, create a resilient, low latency route network.

    South-South connectivity enables our customers to build their global backbone with multiple 100Gs across the African continent, watch what our East to West routes mean for you.

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    Submarine cables

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    Over 64,000km of subsea cables around Africa, with part ownership of WACS, TEAMS, SAT3/SAFE, EASSY, and fibre on EQUIANO

    Landings in 25 countries on both the West and East coasts of Africa.

    We have invested and have inventory in the largest submarine cables landing in Africa, providing reliability, cost leadership and reach to millions of businesses and people across the Continent.

    Our recent investment in Equiano and other cables give you access to the largest and fastest growing African economies, with unprecedented bandwidth (multiple Terabit/s).

    Connecting Data Centres

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    Access and interconnect the largest data centres in Africa, enabling your business to leverage cloud infrastructure seamlessly

    9 data centres with 54 MW by 2025 are connected with dark fibre and multiple 100Gbps managed international capacity solutions.

    Our fibre and subsea cables provide you with a MEF-certified, reliable, secure and high-bandwidth solution to interconnect data centres in Africa.

    Connecting your customers

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    We provide a one-stop shop to connect your customers in Africa

    Over 100,000 buildings connected to our local loop fibre access network in sub-Sahara.

    Ubiquitous access with VSAT across Africa with Ku and C bands to provide connectivity to remote locations and backup solutions.

    Global connectivity through strategic partnerships with Tier 1 carriers for access to data centres, points of presence and buildings outside Africa.

    International services

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    Reliable, secure and multi-route circuits providing the best value for money in Africa

    National and international terrestrial fibre combined with subsea cables, data centres and VSAT through investments of over $1.5 billion gives you a unique opportunity to offer high-quality services across the African continent. You and your customers can benefit from Layer 2 Ethernet services (EPL), MPLS, Dark Fibre, cloud on-ramp connectivity, colocated Points of Presence, NNI’s, and wholesale DIA services.

    Let us de-risk your operations and you can expect a world-class service level – you choose whether to invest upfront or leverage our infrastructure with an opex model.

    Wholesale Products

    Your team in Africa

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    The Liquid Sea team members are experts in Africa you can trust. We have been recognized as Best Wholesale Operator in Africa for nine years in a row.

    We combine local knowledge with offices in 10 African countries, over 1,500 employees, with global standards for security, trust and reliability.

    Our international approach ensures you and your customers will enjoy the same services and quality as delivered by the most sophisticated network operators.

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