Liquid Intelligent Technologies Kenya’s high-speed network delivers telemedicine to Dadaab refugee camp

Virtual healthcare provided to 250,000 refugees almost 500km away from Gertrude’s Children Hospital in Nairobi.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies Kenya has connected Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital in Nairobi to Dadaab refugee complex. The community of approximately 250,000 refugees across four camps almost 500km away from the hospital now has access to dedicated healthcare including consultations, diagnostics and treatment over the internet.

Providing medical services to the quarter of a million refugees at Dadaab’s four camps has been inhibited by the absence of specialists in the remote semi-arid area.

By using a 15Mbps connection at the hospital’s Nairobi headquarters and a 2Mbps link at Dadaab sub-county hospital, Liquid Intelligent Technologies Kenya is enabling the largest paediatric centre in East and Central Africa to deliver advanced treatment directly to Dadaab.

“Liquid Intelligent Technologies’s high-speed network is now facilitating cost-effective delivery of specialised healthcare services to one of the world’s largest refugee camp which has traditionally been inhibited by the absence of specialists in the remote semi-arid area,” said Liquid Intelligent Technologies East Africa Chief Executive Officer Adil El-Youssefi. “We are especially excited as this not only brings essential healthcare to the most disadvantaged communities, it supports the government’s commitment to providing universal healthcare – one of Kenya’s Big 4 policy agenda items.”

The link to Dadaab has enabled the hospital to successfully treat more than 56 patients so far. “When we get a call from Dadaab requesting time and input from our specialists, the ICT department notifies the relevant doctor and then schedules a virtual consultation using video conferencing equipment across Liquid Intelligent Technologies’s network,” said Peter Kanda, Head of Information Services, Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital.

The hospital is also offering telemedicine services in Mombasa, Sekenani (Narok County) and Kibera in Nairobi and will soon deploy the services to the Mara.

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